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Resale or Exchange Timeshare Advisory

ICS, and the owners associations which they represent, have also been made aware of third parties offering to resale or exchange owners timeshare to relieve the owners of future maintenance fee obligations or other assessment fee obligations.

Maintenance fee obligations or other assessment fee obligations

**Please note that the Maintenance Fee and any other fees and assessments are the responsibility of the Timeshare Owner until the property is legally conveyed to another party. If you are in the process of conveying your property, or you've contracted to sell your property with a third party, the responsibility is still the yours until the deed has been recorded with the appropriate county, and a recorded copy has been delivered to our office with the appropriate fees required to make the record change.**

Many of these third parties request a fee up-front; and they further wish to have the owner sign some document authorizing that third party to sell the owners timeshare or the third party may imply that they will take over the property if the owner should elect to exchange the owners current timeshare for ownership in another timeshare or vacation program. We ask you to exercise extreme caution on any such proposed transaction because unfortunately some of these third parties do not uphold their end of the bargain and the owner does not find out about such until well after the transaction has taken place. We advise all of our owners, as well as other timeshare owners, to be cautious of any such proposals, as all too often the owners end up incurring additional costs and/or are left responsible for back maintenance fees because the third party failed to conduct a proper transfer. Such owners may wish to consult with their attorney and/or the ICS corporate office to confirm that a transfer of ownership actually occurred, and the corresponding maintenance fee obligations have in fact been taken care of, as often represented by such third party.

Please understand that we value our owners and continue to strive to better the timeshare industry. We support the efforts of the American Resort Development Association (ARDA), and we want all timeshare owners to know that there are legitimate resellers and rental agents out there but please exercise due caution when entering into any business transactions.