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Floating Resort Reservations

Reservations for Inverness South Padre can be booked online. Please remember that our program provides that an owner can reserve a week, thirteen (13) months in advance. A new week becomes available for booking every Sunday evening at 10:00PM CST. Click here to read the update and view the calendar. If you are an owner at: Inverness South Padre you can reserve a unit/week you can go to the ICS Management home page, click here. You will then be directed to another site where you may enter your Owner ID# and password, which will then take you to your account. The balance on your account must be current for you to be able to make a current year reservation and if you elect to make a reservation for the upcoming year you must submit an additional payment equal to the then current year’s maintenance fees before you can make such future reservation. Please note: that if you make payment by credit card it can take up to five (5) business days for that credit card to be processed. Once you have verified that your account is properly paid or credited you can click on “Make Reservations” and type in the proposed check-in date (must be exact date), then click “Check Rates and Availability” and then click “Select” and “Confirm”. If there is space available, you will then receive a Reservation Confirmation via email (you must have valid email in your contact information). If there is no availability for the dates you are requesting, the system will state “No Availability”. You must then go back and attempt to reserve another date. Always confirm that the date you’re selecting is the correct date of check in. Most resorts have a Saturday check-in. All other properties, please call your resort.