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Affiliation Advisory

ICS Management Corp. (ICS) and the owners associations which they represent, have been made aware of a recent trend conducted by entities with no affiliation with ICS or their properties association, for which these entities are contacting our owners and other timeshare owners and stating or implying that they are affiliated with ICS or ICS properties owners associations . The only company authorized by ICS Management is "Compass Resort Group, LLC" and "PawliKorp, LLC".  We wanted to advise all of our owners, and any other timeshare owners, to beware of other third parties. And please contact our office directly should you have a question of whether or not a third party has any sort of affiliation with ICS Management or the properties of which ICSs represents.  Furthermore, these third parties may offer to assist in the sale or rental of your timeshare property for an upfront fee, or they may attempt to entice such owner with an informational dinner to discuss updates in the timeshare industry.  Please exercise caution if you are contacted by these third parties; and again feel free to contact your resort or the ICS corporate office if you have a question of whether or not such entity may or may not be associated with ICS or their affiliated properties and/or those properties owners associations.